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Ennichisai is a Japanese Culture Festival which held in the shopping district located in the Block-M, Jakarta, Indonesia. Ennichisai organized by Japanese people who live and work in Indonesia, most of which have business in the area of ​​Block-M as a restaurant and pub, they call that area as “Little Tokyo”.

Ennichisai was first held on July 4, 2010, and continuing every year at mid-year, and this year (2013) is 4th time organized, with the theme “Maju Bersama” (eng: Forward Together, jpn: 井に歩む). With goals to introduce Japanese cultures and foods to the people of Indonesia and to strengthen the friendly relations between Indonesia and Japan.

This event is packed with very interesting, in the two days of activities over 200,000 visitors have come to enjoy the event. In addition to holding Japanese cultural performances such as Bon Odori, Mikoshi parade, and Awa Odori, visitors are also given a wide variety of entertainment such as cosplay contests, music concerts, and other entertainments that make visitors feel at home to linger on location implementation while eating Japanese food that are sale around the site.


photo: Block-M, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2012